One Digital Journey

Welcome to the One Digital Journey. Before heading towards the Cloud, please take some minutes to inform yourself about how to get started with the ODJ.

  • Please make sure that you are not logged in with your private Google account!
  • Log in with your email address in the Google login form. You will get redirected to the Schwarz IDP.
  • You need the GCP user account role and the ODJ user role in SIAM.
>800 Subscriptions
>1200 Products
>2000 Users

About ODJ

The One Digital Journey (ODJ) is a cloud enablement tool that provides a various set of tools so that Solution and Product teams can start their journey into the cloud with ease in a highly automated manner. The ODJ is a platform developed by the SCHWARZ IT KG.

Getting started with ODJ

All you need to get started with the ODJ and to create a subscription is your payment information (PSP-Element) and basic access to the platform.

If this is the first time you are visiting the ODJ and you have never worked with the platform before, make sure to order these two roles so you can get started.

If you are not an employee of the SIT but still want to work with the ODJ as part of a subscription team, make sure to use a VPN and ensure your user is registered for multi-factor authentication (MFA) at Afterwards you can use your SIT cloud login to use the ODJ platform.

ODJ Guidelines

If you need more information on how to login or want to support an external user in accessing the ODJ refer to our guidelines.